In 1540 the Fellowship of Surgeons merged with the Barbers’ Company. A barber’s pole symbolizes this classic relationship with white stripes to signify the barber and red the surgeon. Today the barbers craft is experiencing a renaissance as modern men stake claim to a considered grooming regimen. Barber & Co develops quality supplies to improve a man’s grooming regimen in a practical fashion for the barbers whose endeavour and guidance keep them handsome.

Barber & Co was established in 2011 with a barbershop in Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood. Our purpose has always been to supply men with comfort, culture, and confidence. Over the years we’ve proudly attracted great talent and reacted earnestly by opening more shops for this collection of individuals — multiple and inclusive, to spread their affinity for the well groomed and cultured man.


Be true to yourself and your neighbourhood; the people will follow. Our barbershops are designed and serviced with intentional consideration for their immediate community. A unique personality matures in each shop, all of which all offer sharp expertise in the craft of barbering artfully blended with comforts of a social club to evoke a genuine sense of place.

We have always been fascinated by unexpected affinities that come with the process of design and building with one’s hands — by means of immersion in unfamiliar landscapes, engagement with local culture and history, and most notably, the development of personal relationships. It’s a worldview we readily welcome to influence our everyday lives and help guide our brand principles.


Our second shop was fashioned into Vancouver’s notorious Yaletown neighbourhood adjacent to a stylish cocktail den. When an opportunity arose to takeover the den we embraced the chance to move our products business out of a master barbers garage as well as designating a creative space for education — born then, was the Lab.

Today our team of chemical scientists and master barbers work hand-in-hand to build utilitarian products in response to genuine needs expressed by our staff and their clients. As locals to the Pacific Northwest, we feel obliged both in keeping the modern man well groomed and our earth well kept, so as such, whenever possible we use natural ingredients, partner with suppliers employing sustainable practices, and keep our processes environmentally friendly.