We built the Academy after building our fifth barbershop. The timing just felt right to carve barbering into the community as a genuine lifestyle and career option. Our barbers have a real passion for their craft, a honed skill set and bold personalities — this all should be shared. We figure that everything looks a little sharper with a few more barbers around.

The Academy is located in Vancouver’s Yaletown as an extension of one of our shops and boasts eight chairs and a lab where our own line of grooming products are developed and handmade. We teach barbering workshops and a soon to be immersive apprenticeship program.

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Barbering Workshops

Barbering workshops sounded better to us than specialty education courses because it embodied the hands-on and socially engaging atmosphere of our Academy — but don’t be fooled, these courses boast a strong curriculum and are truly built to make you a better barber.

Dust off your techniques game or get some new ones under the belt and if you don’t see a workshop currently running that perks interest, shoot us an email or a call — we know some people that know some people.

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    Straight Razor Shave

    The art of shaving requires a great deal of attention, skill, and consistent practice. Our one day class is fun and in-depth and designed for the beginner who wants to add shaving to their repertoire. Students will learn the fundamentals of a giving a safe clean shave.

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    Fade Master

    This one day workshop shows how to fade from the basic classic barbering techniques, to the advanced skin fades using our range of different clippers and trimmers. It includes a demonstration and is hands-on. Fade Master is perfect for advanced barbers and hairstylists. It will teach you all those little secrets of excellent fading and blending.

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    Classic Barbering

    Barber & Co has created classic techniques which form the basis for any service we offer. This course demonstrates our classics collection in cutting, clippers and shaving skills that are fundamental to Barber & Co’s success in the barbershop every day.

    Classic Barber is the perfect course for trained barbers/hairstylist wanting to learn classic barbering skills or brush up on their foundation work. It includes demonstrations, theory, product knowledge, and hands-on training.

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    Shave Master

    Our two day shave course covers straight razor shaving for the face and head. Shave Master has been designed for barbers/hairstylist that need to brush up on their skills, learn tricks of the trade and attack head shaves straight on.

    Barber & Co Academy recommends that the barber/hairstylist has already taken our Cut-Throat Shave class or equivalent. Shave soap and bowls are supplied by Barber & Co Academy.

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    Master Barbering

    Experienced barbers/hairstylists seeking to hone their skills and find inspiration will discover ways to expand their repertoire, and learn to look at barbering in a new light.

    Master Barber is for barbers/hairstylists who want to push themselves to their limits and further their knowledge of barbering in an intensive, in-depth course. Master Barber will cover the following techniques: Multi-cultural hair, advanced fades and cut-throat shaves.

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